Why your business should choose waterproof labels

20 September 2023

Labels that are suitable for underwater applications are a real asset to many businesses in different kinds of industries. Marine labels from GSM Graphic Arts are made using robust materials, which means we can print our waterproof labels to meet specific requirements while ensuring they can be used effectively in environments where they are likely to become wet.

If you’re looking for labels for your business, you should consider all the benefits of labels that have been specifically designed to withstand watery environments. Here are all the reasons you should choose waterproof and underwater labels, and which industries typically use them.


Waterproof labels are incredibly hardwearing and durable to ensure that they don’t become discoloured or have their text become unreadable due to water damage. They are designed to withstand conditions in outside environments. Our labels have been tested to the requirements of ANSI B71.4 to ensure they can retain their colour for a minimum of five years. Our anodised aluminium labels have also been tested for resistance to salt mist, ensuring they can be used outside with no problems.

The main reason people love underwater labels is due to their protection from harsh environmental conditions. When assets are kept outside but need appropriate labelling, waterproof labels are the perfect solution to keep the label from becoming damaged from the likes of rain and snow. They are also great for indoor environments that have high levels of humidity and moisture in the air. When you have such hardwearing labels, you don’t need to worry that they will become unusable. Underwater labels from GSM Graphic Arts are designed to last.


Environments that are high in moisture or likely to contain water are very likely to pose other hazards that can be risky. As such, it is crucial that any labels – especially safety information labels – are perfectly legible and resistant to the likes of corrosion which could obstruct their text.

Fortunately, these labels are designed to withstand these outdoor conditions and remain entirely legible. We can provide etched 316 stainless steel nameplates with the text detail etched into the surface, meaning that there are no inks to wear on the surface and become unreadable. Our waterproof labels are designed to remain perfectly legible for all kinds of outdoor applications.


At GSM Graphic Arts, we produce entirely customisable label solutions suitable for all your offshore requirements. Our underwater labels can be either printed under the surface digitally or silkscreen printed to keep the ink protected. Both these printing options enable us to match the colours of your label to your specific requirements. There are no limits to the number of colours that can be used, so we can achieve a label that is entirely customised to your exact needs.


Labels are incredibly important in many different industries. They provide vital safety information and warnings on pieces of equipment and machinery to help prevent injury or death. Without informative labels, many workers could be undertaking dangerous practices without even knowing, putting themselves at risk.

To ensure safety, equipment and machinery need to be appropriately labelled with the right kind of information, whether it’s operational or warning messages. These labels need the hardwearing durability that our labels can provide, ensuring that the right kind of information is visible at all times and not at risk of becoming illegible.

Industries that Use Waterproof Labels

There are a variety of industries and products that can benefit from waterproof labels, such as:

  • Food and beverage sectors
Products used in the food and beverage industry are constantly running into wet hands and surfaces, as well as condensation from refrigeration and cooking processes. This moisture-ridden environment won’t affect our underwater labels.

  • Boatbuilding & marine equipment
When it comes to boatbuilding and marine equipment, underwater labels play a vital role in ensuring key messages can be communicated to those working in potentially hazardous roles. Thanks to their waterproof properties, they are perfectly suited to the harsh environments they will inevitably come into contact with.

  • Oil rigs
Waterproof labels are perfect for the harsh conditions of an oil rig. The labels can be fitted to the life-saving equipment and ensure that workers know all the safety regulations and adhere to all the warnings provided by the labels.

  • Shipping containers
Shipping containers are frequently transported on ships across vast oceans, so they will get sprayed and end up being wet on a regular basis. With underwater labels that won’t smudge in wet conditions, your shipping container labels will remain unaffected.

  • Diving equipment
Diving equipment needs appropriate labels for both branding and safety regulations. Underwater labels can withstand being completely submerged in water and won’t come off or become damaged.

  • Pipes
Pipes, regardless of whether they are situated outside or indoors, are frequently in contact with wetness and moisture. An underwater label will be unaffected by the damp and stay firmly affixed to the pipe, providing all the necessary information needed.

At GSM Graphic Arts, our underwater labels are ideal for all kinds of marine and offshore environments, able to withstand harsh, outdoor conditions. If you would like to learn more about these kinds of labels, or any of our other products, do not hesitate to get in touch.