Why hydrogen isn't just for the big stuff

19 September 2023

Riversimple will be joining us at this year's Engineering Design Show to discuss the sustainability and commercial merits of lightweight FCEV's.

Riversimple are pioneering the next generation of zero-emission vehicles. They use hydrogen, not batteries, and emit nothing but water. Able to refill in three minutes, our vehicles will offer a solution for those who value flexibility and freedom, and want to live lightly on the planet.

Riversimple are developing a subscription service for vehicles which offers a move away from vehicle ownership towards an all-inclusive, simplified and clean mobility experience.

 Lightness is key to efficiency and range - our beta vehicles weigh just 660kg!

Critical technologies in our vehicle architecture:

  • Small fuel cell < 8% of power of Toyota Mirai FCEV  – less resources, weight, cost, greater efficiency
  • No battery critical materials – no more platinum than a standard catalytic converter
  • Supercapacitors – storing energy for acceleration
  • In-wheel motors, proprietary design – 4 wheel braking as well as drive
  • Carbon fibre structures – with active EU grant project for closed loop recyclability
  • Safety-critical software – expertise from aerospace
  • Elegant mechanical and software code simplicity
  • Telemetry and data analytics