This Kettle Could Save the UK £2 Million a Day in Energy Bills

19 September 2023

75% of people overfill their kettle by at least half every time they it. This roughly equates to 2 million pounds of energy and 70 million litres of water being wasted each day in the UK alone.

Overfilling a kettle can have adverse consequences as it compromises the efficiency and performance of the appliance. Kettles are designed to boil water efficiently based on their maximum capacity. When overfilled, the kettle takes longer to reach boiling point, resulting in increased energy consumption and longer waiting times for hot water.

To combat this issue, Product Design student Oscar Robinson designed “Slot”, Slot is an innovative kettle with a wall partition that can be inserted into to reduce the size of the container. This not only reminds the user to think about how much water they are putting in, but also limits this based on standardised mug sizes. Furthermore, the adjustment of boiling container size also speeds up the boiling process as there is no excess space for heat to be lost. Utilising a function over form approach, the unique shape has been intentionally designed to further improve energy efficiency through an improved surface area to volume ratio due to its narrow and curvy exterior.

Oscar Robinson
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