The road to zero emission travel

The road to a genuine zero emission transport future is certainly not easy – to achieve change we must all come together now to accelerate the adoption of sustainable energy solutions across the world.

No one solution alone can achieve the ambitious objective of zero emission travel. It will take a well-established and integrated ecosystem, made up of four key components, which will collectively test our global societal resolve to make this happen:

1. The availability of high performance and competitively priced electric vehicles

2. Accessibility of reliable and fast charging infrastructure

3. Grid reinforcement, with the use of digital technologies to efficiently manage power supply and power consumption, and

4. The integration of renewable power generation

At ABB we have the pleasure of collaborating with leading automotive manufacturers who are driving the future for EVs, while our 130 year history as a global pioneering technology leader means that we are well positioned to help deliver the other three.
Nowhere is this better demonstrated than through the partnership between ABB and the ABB FIA Formula-E championship. Together we are pushing the boundaries of technology, with Formula E providing a unique opportunity to engage with customers around the world while building a sustainable future.
So then, what does the future of zero emission mobility look like? From ABB’s perspective while there are undoubted challenges ahead of us, the path to electric appears clear and as a company committed to safe, smart and sustainable electrification, we are very excited about the role which we can play in enabling this progression.

David Nicholl, Executive Vice President, Northern Europe, Electrification