The advent of QR codes and unique data labels

22 March 2022

QR codes have been around for a number of years now however the onset of the covid pandemic has really brought them to the fore and now we are seeing them everywhere.

A QR code simply links to the URL where the data to view is stored and most mobile devices have the ability to scan these. Recently GSM Graphic Arts has seen demand for bespoke QR coded labels increasing significantly.

One of the biggest growth areas for QR codes has been in the hospitality industry where you often find QR coded labels on tables in pubs & restaurants for scanning in order to view menus and place orders. However QR coded product labels also provide benefits for other applications when they can be used to scan for viewing user manuals, checking parts availability when servicing and maintaining equipment and product identification / serialisation.

GSM’s digital printing capability is perfect for producing QR code labels as it enables us to either produce low volume requirements where all labels will contain the same code or higher batch quantities with each label containing a unique QR code. We use software which enables the URL’s to be uploaded via excel spreadsheets and generates the QR codes ready to print within the label artwork.

Rugged QR code labels can be produced using either anodised aluminium, which can include colour detail and logos, or laser marked stainless steel, ideal for industrial, even offshore, applications. These can be mechanically fixed using screws or rivets, alternatively the rugged QR labels can be supplied with self-adhesive tape on rear.

Under surface printed Polycarbonate also provides a durable QR code label option and these have been tested to ANSI B71.4 for UV durability and so are guaranteed not to fade within 5 years. This type of label is generally supplied with a self-adhesive tape suitable for the substrate to which it will be applied.

In addition to QR coded labels, linear barcode labels are widely used for asset tagging, serialisation, and product identification and can be produced by the same methods to achieve a durable finish on both plastic and metal substrates.

GSM Graphic Arts is the UK’s leading label, nameplate and fascia manufacturer with nearly 50 years of manufacturing experience. If you are considering the options for QR coded labels, or indeed any upcoming labelling project, please come and meet at EDS Reconnect 27th & 28th April 2022.