TECHNOSOFT confirmed to be at EDS 2022!

23 February 2022

TECHNOSOFT is a leading motion control technology company specialized in the development, design and manufacture of motion control products and custom motion systems. For over 25 years, TECHNOSOFT has been helping customers enjoy commercial success in various fields of industry. This experience has matured into the continuous improvement of the performance and robustness of our products.

Motion Control Solutions

TECHNOSOFT has pioneered the intelligent drive as a cost-effective solution in many motion control applications. Embedding a motion controller and a drive into a single unit, an intelligent drive can perform many of the tasks that are traditionally assigned to a central unit.

Customers from various industries requiring a wide range of motion control products and systems for specialized applications have effectively utilized TECHNOSOFT’s expertise in the following application fields:

Medical: Respiratory devices, Surgical instruments & robots
Robotics & Logistics: Robots, Cobots, Exoskeletons, AGV’s, Warehouse automation
Laboratory Automation: Analysis equipment, pipetting, Automated diagnose station
Factory Automation: Pick and place robots, Cartesian robots, laser cutting and lasser making
Packaging: Bottling and labelling machines
Semiconductor industry: Flexible automation
Instrumentation & Optics: Laser measuring systems

Benefits of TECHNOSOFT Motion Technology
  • All in one: controller and drive in a single unit
  • One for all: same drive for DC, stepper, brushless and linear motor
  • Intelligent motors with integrated motion controller and absolute position center
  • Advanced motion control profiles supporting EtherCAT, Ethernet, CANopen and TMLCAN Protocols.
iPOS Intelligent Drives and Controllers:

Compact, higher power-density, cost-effective controllers, consisting of intelligent drives with embedded motion controller in one unit.

The programmable servo-drives based on the MotionChip™ DSP Technology incorporating TML, (Technosoft Motion Language), offering advanced motion control capabilities which include PVT, S-Curves, Electronic Gearing and Camming and 3D Motion Commands. CANopen and EtherCAT (CoE) protocols are supported by default for distributed control architectures.

The servo are available as plug-in, open frame and panel mount modules, with ratings up to 80 V and 20 A. They can be installed and programmed using the EasyMotion Studio while various motion control libraries for PC and PLC are available to ease the integration in the application. The multi-axis motion system configuration provides a compact, ready-to-run solution for multi-axis applications up to 6 axes.

iMOT Intelligent Motors:

A very compact Motion Control System consisting of a motor, (brushless, DC brushed or stepper), encoder, controller and drive all in one unit.

The motor with embedded motion controller and drive has all the attributes of the iPOS servo drives, which allows it to offer multi-axis motion operations particularly adapted to integrated intelligence and distributed motion control applications. The unit gives lower total machine costs by eliminating much of the wiring and offering greater field reliability and reduced machine design and build time.