Save cost and reduce integration time of SoC technology thanks to Zynq UltraScale+ PCIe boards

08 October 2021

TECHWAY, specialist in high-speed signal and video acquisition, releases cost-effective PCIe boards with VITA 57.4 site based on Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ System-on-Chip (SoC): the PFP-ZU+ product range.

TECHWAY has 15+ years of development experience in Xilinx FPGA-based PCIe boards with FMC/FMC+ interfaces. Thanks to our know-how, we offer cost-effective solutions to help bring the SoC technology into industrial applications.

PFP-ZU+ boards are 100% compliant with the FMC+ standard, they fit all VITA 57.1 and VITA 57.4 mezzanine cards. Thanks to this compliance, PFP-ZU+ can serve any protocols and interfaces. As a multi-purpose board, PFP-ZU+ is a “swiss-knife” for real-time applications.

These boards are a perfect fit for system integrators who are looking for reducing development time thanks to ready-to-integrate solutions.

The PFP-ZU+’s versatility comes from useful features including a fully FMC+ site, DDR4 memories, multiple boot options, etc. Users can access multiple interfaces (Ethernet, DisplayPort, USB) from the ARM-based Processing System, allowing to easily design stand-alone equipment without a PC host.

A new FireFly™ module, available in option, allows high-speed optical communication. This module provides a direct and easy access to data.

PFP-ZU+ is the perfect match between real-time multi-core ARM processors and high-performance UltraScale+ programmable logic. PFP-ZU+ features the Xilinx ZU7CG or ZU11EG devices to optimize performance/price ratio for high-end applications.

PFP-ZU+ can be easily used in a standard PC environment with full Development Kit available for both Windows and Linux or in your own enclosure as a stand-alone equipment.

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