RO-MIL: Off the Shelf DC to DC Converters

04 October 2021

Roband Electronics has a range of DC-DC converters available to the market ‘Off the Shelf’ (COTS): the RO-MIL range. The hallmarks of these converters are high reliability, no external components required for stability and a wide range operational environment without need for derating. An extended input voltage range, surge protection, remote enable and optimised efficiency over the whole load range are all available.

The Roband RO-MIL Converters are designed predominantly for defence and avionic programmes but are also extremely well suited for all applications requiring performance guarantees in challenging environments. Single, dual, and triple outputs are available in a range of power levels. All units are manufactured on-site under the supervision of our independent quality assurance department operating in accordance with our AS9100/ISO9100 QMS.

Roband Electronics also offers ‘Modified COTS’ products (MOTS). Based on standard RO-MIL COTS units we can adjust performance to your specific requirement. Examples of these modifications include extended input range, custom output voltage/current limit, alternative unit finish or extra inbuilt filtering. Such units offer many of the benefits of a proven COTS product but with the flexibility to fine-tune. It is a common misconception that a MOTS unit will attract premium pricing; when Roband are involved that is simply not so. Minor changes such as tweaking a voltage or current limit will usually be the same price, more elaborate changes just a nominal sum. The technology we use, and our custom PSU design capabilities, make this a straightforward task for us.

The build standard of every unit we deliver will be under full drawing control as if it was a custom design. We will not deviate from that standard without advising you; traceability and the integrity of your product will be ensured. We believe we are unique in making this offer for such COTS products. This guarantees your qualified build standard will be maintained.

Founded in 1956 Roband Electronics is an independent British company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of Power Supplies of all types but predominately for defence, aerospace and challenging environments. Our ethos has always been for self-sufficiency, meaning we design and manufacture virtually everything ourselves on-site. We are AS9100/ISO9100 and ISO 14001 accredited.

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