Revolutionary range of Piezoelectric Motors

DTI is launching a revolutionary range of Piezoelectric Motors. The Blue Series motors offer the accuracy of Piezo motion at the price of a quality stepper motor solution. Rotary motors offer over 250,000 steps per revolution at full torque whereas Linear versions offer 50 nanometer increments. These direct drive ultrasonic standing wave motors require zero power to hold position without drifting and at slow speeds require under 1 watt, offering very low overall power demand. DTI’s motors are lightweight and power dense.

DTI motors are lightweight and power dense with fast reaction times of 10 to 30 microseconds, they contain no magnets or copper coils and are immune to EM/RF interference. Some models can be offered non-magnetic.

 With cost-effective drivers there are encoder versions for closed loop control and for demanding applications DTI’s Motion control software and speed control algorithms offer precise control.

For OEM instruments and industrial equipment DTI piezomotors offer designers and engineers new opportunities for affordable accurate motion control.

DTI is a technology company with Headquarters in Sarasota, Florida, USA and offices in Europe. DTI has a portfolio of patents for its Piezo technologies and can help to provide solutions for diverse applications replacing traditional Electromagnetic motors.

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