Raising the profile of technology companies in Asia

Introducing, establishing, maintaining and growing a tech company's name, brand and products in the vastness that is the China market is not only possible, but certainly worth the effort in the long term. Careful and skillful tailoring of a number of marketing tools is, fundamentally what it takes to be successful in China, aligned with a pragmatic approach to avoiding the obstacles that can rear up for the unprepared.

As owners of a marketing agency with more than 25 years of experience in the China and Asia market, Claire Walker and Gordon Wong of Techworks Asia have seen, and addressed, their fair share of challenges on behalf of their B2B tech clients, and managed to amass a steady list of testimonials in the process.

"Marketing in China: challenges, pitfalls opportunities" is the workshop that whey will give on Wednesday 16th October at 12:30 in Workshop Theatre 1.

A one-off 25% discount on an initial China outreach activity will be available as a special offer to attendees of the session who register their interest with the speakers, either at the show of by email: eds2019@techworksasia.com