Podcast boosts Positivity at ‘The Engineering Design Show’ in Coventry.

22 November 2021

Continuing to navigate the way through Covid related waters, the Engineering sector powers on at full capacity! And so along with it has the team at Chatty Hatter by bringing you the very best of Engineering news through their specialist podcast show ‘That Engineering Chat’.

Born during lockdown, Chatty Hatter MD Nicole Piesse Turner, seeing a gap in the manufacturing market, was keen to bring the latest news and people in industry to a wider audience through the power of podcasts, when everything else had suddenly stopped.

As lockdowns lifted, the timing felt right to bring the podcast to life through the power of film and what better way to showcase the power of visual and audio than at the Engineering Design Show (EDS) last month at Coventry Building Society Arena.

EDS organisers were delighted when approached by the team, who wanted to talk to some of their key exhibitors as well as instrumental leaders - covering exactly what is it about the event that keeps people returning year after year.

Not only that, but taking a look back at previous months and then forwards at things to come, Nicole and her team were thoroughly uplifted by the positivity in and around the EDS.

Topics covered in the EDS takeover episodes include; coming back to shows after COVID, using LinkedIn to generate leads and sales and the journey to net zero. Nicole chats to James East from Wurth Electronics UK, who headline sponsored EDS and That Engineering Chat EDS takeover episodes. Other guests Nicole speaks with include Neil Mantle Director Manufacturing, Rolls-Royce, Professor Rab Scott, Head of Digital, AMRC and many more! So sit back and relax, watch and listen to Nicole talk to key industry leaders across the two days of EDS. 

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