20 September 2022

The latest addition to the Ineltek roster of world-class microcontrollers, the Raspberry Pi RP2040, is the powerhouse behind our Doom demo. The revolutionary 90s first person 3D shooter game used to need a high spec Pentium PC to run the software when it launched, costing several hundred pounds. It can now run on a sub-dollar RP2040 Microcontroller.

To celebrate our exciting new partnership with Raspberry Pi, we’re offering everyone who visits our stand and plays Doom, powered by Raspberry Pi, the chance to win one of fifteen Raspberry Pi Pico H modules. Every entrant will receive a free guide on creating the Doom set up themselves – a great way to engage the next generation of budding engineers!

Shaun O’Brien, Director of Ineltek UK, said “Many engineers working today learnt their craft on the original Raspberry Pi computers. Now, these engineers trust the heritage and performance of the Raspberry Pi RP2040 for real life professional applications.”

The team at Ineltek is on stand L16 at the Engineering Design Show demonstrating Raspberry Pi, Premo’s 3DCoilCube, gesture-based GUI from Touchnetix and many more exciting technologies from their class-leading roster of semiconductor manufacturers.

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