Origin Engineering Solutions

14 October 2021

Origin Engineering Solutions will be presenting the Ansys Discovery product at The Engineering Design Show.

The Engineering Design show marks only the second time we have been able to show the Ansys Discovery solution in person!  Ansys discovery allows Engineers to rapidly run simulation scenarios for stress, fluids, and thermal analysis. It’s unique because it runs off your computer's GPU allowing simulation on the fly without the delay! It allows designers to simulate products whilst they are designing them to drastically save time. It also includes the SpaceClaim engine to allow rapid modification of geometry based on simulation results!

The team is most looking forward to bumping into existing customers (many we have not seen this lockdown) but also to engage with new faces to understand their challenges and learn about what they are seeing in the industry.

Most simulations run in seconds as opposed to waiting days for the CAE analysts to get back to you!