NextGen Robot for Research, Education and Entertainment

23 August 2023

Robotics is an emerging industry, with humanoid robotics and human robot interaction (HRI) systems seeing an explosion in popularity. However, prices have remained high for products that allow for research and development of these systems. NextGen offers an alternative to these expensive systems.

Standing 140cm tall, and made of aluminium, steel and 3D printed parts, NextGen is the perfect platform for education, teaching pupils about electronics, mechanics, programming and, of course, robotics. These areas can be researched further, with the modular design of the unit allowing components to be easily upgraded with new designs.

NextGen has a custom-designed control system, allowing for seamless integration of hardware and software. The brain is a Nvidia-based single board computer, with built-in speakers, microphones and a camera, allowing for high-level programs using machine vision, voice control and machine learning applications to be developed.

Despite the high level hardware, the barrier to entry is low. NextGen can be controlled from any Windows, Mac or Linux system that has a USB port, meaning almost anyone can have a NextGen unit up and running in minutes.

As well as research and education, there are real-world applications for a unit like NextGen, such as hospitality, retail and information desks, where the unit can converse with customers and provide them with information they require. Businesses and institutions that use a NextGen could be seen as innovative and future-oriented by implementing the unit, and where a whole humanoid robot is too much, NextGen Compact offers a lower-cost tabletop solution.
NextGen and NextGen Compact will be exhibited at the Engineering Design Show 2023.

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