Need to handle massive amounts of data in real-time? Move to optical FMCs

08 October 2021

High-density: up to 12 full duplex links / High-speed: up to 25 Gbps per link

New generations of programmable components, including FPGAs, offer serial links which are always faster and denser. We answer these speed and density challenges by designing optical interfaces dedicated to high-bandwidth data-communication.

Optical FMCs have been specially designed for the purpose of supporting highly advanced communications as required by Xilinx 6 Series, 7 Series, UltraScale and UltraScale+ FPGA families. Thanks to the example designs included in optical FMC’s Development Kit, you can easily integrate all the FMC carrier boards based on Xilinx devices.

Our FMCs are 100% compliant with VITA 57.1 and VITA 57.4 standards to fit all carrier boards with FMC connectors. These optical FMCs are ready-to-integrate solutions, since there is no specific firmware required. Our optical FMCs offer advanced features such as the possibility to operate several different protocols concurrently thanks to a programmable multi-clock generator.

Available in industrial or rugged versions, TigerFMC and WildcatFMC product lines are based on two advanced optical technologies to meet two levels of ruggedization.

Based on RADIALL D-Lightsys® technology, WildcatFMCs are Mil-Aero-oriented. Indeed, these boards are rugged to meet the toughest environmental constraints.

  • 4 full duplex links @ 10 Gbps, VITA 57.1
  • 4 full duplex links @ 12 Gbps, VITA 57.4
  • 12 full duplex links @ 12 Gbps, VITA 57.4
Based on SAMTEC FireFly™ technology, TigerFMCs are dedicated to industrial environments.  The new TigerFMC-4_25 provides 4 full duplex links @ 25 Gbps – a cumulative throughput of 200 Gbps.

  • 12 full duplex links @ 14 Gbps, VITA 57.4
  • 12 full duplex links @ 14 Gbps, VITA 57.4
  • 4 full duplex links @ 25 Gbps, VITA 57.4
Among other industry segments, the TigerFMC and WildcatFMC boards are primarily designed for RADAR, SONAR, Electronic Warfare, Telecoms, video broadcast and switching, Avionics, etc.

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