MOONS' Industries (UK) - MDX+ Series

26 July 2023

MOONS’ Industries (UK) are pleased to announce the launch of our new MDX+ high-torque servo motors and all digital servo drives combined in a single package to create integrated servo motors. This provides a cost-effective solution without sacrificing performance. These integrated servo motors provide full torque to 3,000 rpm and are available in frame sizes 40/60/80, covering 100W to 550W power ratings. Simplify. Reduce. Save.

Integrated servo motors simplify the product selection process, reduce space in control cabinets and save money. Power, I/O, and communications can be plugged directly into the connectors on the motor.

This new range of motors now comes with many options and standard features, including IP65 ratings, built-in brake, M12 connectors, STO, and dual-port communications that support industrial networking protocols such as EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Profinet and Modbus.

About: MOONS’ Industries (UK) Ltd, part of MOONS’ Industries headquartered in Shanghai, produces over 10 million motors yearly, with manufacturing and R&D centres in Asia, North America and Europe. Since its founding in 1994, MOONS' has been a leading diversified professional designer and manufacturer of motion control products: Stepper Motors, Brushless DC Motors, AC and DC Servo Motors and Drives, LED Drivers, Wire Harnesses, Industrial Monitoring Systems, Linear Actuators, Slotless Motors, Coreless Motors, Robotics, Automation, Rotary Actuators, Explosion-Proof Motors, Vacuum Rated Motors, Micromotors, Motion Controllers, Precision Planetary Gearboxes, and Low Backlash Gearboxes. As of December 31st, 2021, it owned 330 patents with certificates, including 50 patents for invention (International 23 and domestic 27), 260 patents for utility models and 20 patents for appearance. It has achieved 155 software copyrights together with subsidiaries. OEMs are moving in better ways, with MOONS'.

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