Midas Pattern Company unveil their new HAAS CNC machining centre

12 January 2021

Midas Pattern company have started 2021 with a brand new investment. Their new HAAS CNC machine VF-11/40 has been delivered to add scale and capacity to their toolroom.

Midas Pattern company have said goodbye to their oldest CNC machine, to take delivery of a brand new HAAS CNC machining centre.  Not only is the HAAS VF-11/40 machining centre a significant investment, it will also be their largest CNC machine. 

"Weighing in at an impressive 15,150 KG and with a 7.2 M long footprint, the HAAS VF-11/40 is one of the largest machines manufactured by HAAS, dwarfing its 2003 Midas VF-4 predecessor. With a machining envelope of 3m by 1m by 0.7m, our new investment will make short work of any new MRIM tooling requirement and help us to keep pushing boundaries on polyurethane part size and complexity – an aspect we are already renowned for."

Read more about the machine specifications here.

This machine will complement  their other HAAS machines, and enable them increase capacity and machine more MRIM tooling.  

Midas "continue to focus on producing the highest quality polyurethane RIM mouldings whilst reducing our impact on the planet – we are a carbon net-zero UK manufacturing company".

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