Midas 2020: Achieving Process Carbon Neutrality

05 August 2020

After 14 months of relentless dedication reducing waste streams, switching energy sources and assessing how to process, pack and ship mouldings in an environmentally responsible manner, the team at Midas have some really exciting news!! Process Carbon Neutrality has been achieved.

With the flick of the switch, the newly installed solar farm, an impressive array of 650 x 350w PV panels started to generate energy and the ambitious goal was realised.

All polyurethane mouldings produced at its Bedford site from July 2020 onwards, will now be produced within a process carbon-neutral environment. 


Midas work with companies who develop science and high technology products. Devices such as ventilators and medical device equipment that require stylish and robust RIM moulded panels to enshroud and protect internal componentry. Products can range from handheld devices through to 3m floor standing instruments and are manufactured in relatively low volumes (50-2000 off each year) with life cycles of up to 20 years. So RIM mouldings need to be durable and long-lasting, comply with all industry standards and suitable for internal and external use.   
As Midas began its 30th year in business, whilst immensely proud of achievements already made (two patternmakers to a seventy-five strong, UK leading moulding company), it felt an urgency to change and in April 2019 the Midas Green Initiative (#MidasGreenInitiative) was established. To give voice and meaning to the change in mindset and to acknowledge their position as a responsible and environmentally aware, manufacturing company. 

So what does this mean?

Midas customers will continue to benefit from the same high-quality RIM mouldings, customer service and great lead-times BUT now with the added benefit that parts will be produced in a carbon-neutral environment. 
As Carbon Net Zero 2050 draws closer and consumer behaviour changes in favour of brands that can demonstrate a neutral or reducing carbon footprint, the focus on manufacturing companies, innovators and designers to provide carbon evidence will mount. With research indicating 75% of the CO2 within a product is generated by the supply chain, Midas has responded early, ensuring that its customers will have a head start.

Achieving carbon neutrality is certainly an impressive undertaking in such a short time scale but one that the company is adamant is necessary if we are to halt climate change and secure our manufacturing futures.  How are you future proofing your manufacturing business?

If you would like to learn more about the Midas mission follow #MidasGreenInitiative or check out the dedicated website 

Contact Rachel Sparkhall 07791 161542 r.sparkhall@midas-pattern.co.uk