The EL-SIE Range | Software-free, next generation data logging from Lascar Electronics

17 March 2020

The new EL-SIE range from Lascar Electronics is the first in a new generation of EasyLog products. Able to measure ambient temperature, humidity and pressure, and store over a million readings, the crystal-clear display shows information at a glance.

The biggest innovation lies inside the EL-SIE itself: the software needed to view, analyse, and download your data. There is nothing to install and you don’t even need internet access, simply plug into your PC or Mac and away you go!

The EL-SIE is the first USB logger that can be used with the EasyLog Cloud, meaning your data is securely stored. The readings can be accessed from any internet-connected computer or mobile device, and also used with EasyLog’s powerful online graphing, analysis and reporting tools.

The EL-SIE is adaptable enough to be used in a number of markets including facilities & building management, logistics, warehouses & storage, and clean rooms.

The new EL-SIE range: data logging has evolved.

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