Keswick Mountain Rescue - Updated Immediate Care Rucksack

30 August 2023

Outdoor enthusiast and product designer Ben Holmes unveils his latest creation, an updated and improved ‘Immediate Care Rucksack’ specifically designed to enhance the capabilities of mountain rescue teams in the UK. This innovative backpack combines functionality, durability, and portability to provide an all-in-one solution for immediate medical care in challenging mountainous environments.

Ben Holmes embarked on this mission after spending months shadowing his local Mountain Rescue Team, Keswick. This extensive analysis lead him to identify a significant fallback of the team’s operations; their rucksacks and more specifically, their immediate care rucksack.

Key features of the Rucksack include:
  • Triple fold-out design allowing different sections to be accessed individually reducing exposure of the rest of the interior to the weather and improving the organisation of the contents.
  • Protective outer-shell made from Industry leading fabrics protect it from harsh climates and give lightweight durability.
  • Designated weather protective compartment for the rescuer to store personal items during rescues.
  • Quicker access and more intuitive interior; when time is of the essence, rescuers must be able to quickly and accurately locate medical equipment.
  • Customisable and modular; allowing the team to adapt the bag to their ever-changing kit list and meaning it is relevant to multiple rescue teams
The designer worked extensively alongside Keswick Mountain Rescue Team to ensure that this rucksack is tailored to their needs, interviewing and questioning team members at
every design decision.

As a result of this, Keswick team have said: “a fully operational model could be made. Any future development would have the backing of Keswick MRT. There is obviously potential interest from other MR teams both in the Lakes and countrywide.” - KMRT

With the concept being described as: “a great example of innovative design” by the Head of Design at Berghaus UK and gaining high commendation from the Keswick team, this redesigned immediate care rucksack could be set to become an indispensable tool for many mountain rescue teams countrywide. With its unparalleled combination of functionality, durability, and portability, this innovative rucksack promises to enhance emergency medical response in challenging outdoor settings.

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