Introduction to Long Term Storage

19 January 2023

Global pandemic, economic instability, extreme weather events, national disasters, conflict and war are just some of the contributing factors that we have come to recognise as, ‘Supply chain disruption’ and are seen as some of the biggest drivers relating to the non-availability of required components, often referred to as obsolescence.

Many of these issues are beyond our control but implementing a proactive approach to managing potential obsolescence issues can be the first steps you take in tackling this growing problem.

Secure and effective long-term storage lies at the heart of successful obsolescence management. CMCA(UK) can help eliminate this element of risk from your supply chain by monitoring your critical components, providing assurance for their future availability.

Preventing obsolescence

If your operation relies on quick and easy access to critical parts and components, then mitigating the potential impacts of obsolescence is essential. As they reach their end of life or fall out of production, sourcing and securing these items can be most challenging.

We provide bespoke long-term storage solutions to help you maintain and maximise your inventory and extend the service life of your equipment and machinery. Whether you’re looking to bulk-buy and store soon-to-be obsolete parts or components or hold your existing inventory in a secure, temperature- and humidity-controlled environment, we have the solution.

With a network of purpose-built, UK-based storage facilities, we can hold and protect your inventory until you need it to reduce the chance of shortages and minimise the impact of obsolescence on your operations.

Our long-term storage solutions

CMCA(UK) is a recognised specialist in the long-term storage of electronic and electro-mechanical components and assemblies and as a result we’ve invested heavily in secure, purpose-built, state-of-the-art storage facilities. Our long-term storage service is specifically designed to complement and support our obsolescence management activity.

All components are stored and handled in our electrostatic protected area, with full electrostatic discharge controls and procedures that extend from the facility to each secure storage location. Your items are processed through our own inventory management system, designed and developed to provide assurance that your components are controlled, indexed and traceable.

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