Introducing Skinease: The Ultimate Solution for Chronic Itching Relief

30 August 2023

[Nottingham, October 2023] – Chronic itching sufferers now have a breakthrough ally in their battle against discomfort – Skinease. This innovative 3-in-1 product offers personalized relief, cooling therapy, and safety features to transform the lives of those struggling with persistent skin irritation.

Key Features:
Skinease is designed to provide optimal relief through:
  • Refillable Cream Container: Empowering users to incorporate prescribed creams for personalized treatment.
  • Cooling Steel Roll-On: Instant soothing to calm irritated skin and deter scratching.
  • Silicone Safe Scratching Tip: A gentle solution to alleviate itching without harm.
  • Washable Components: Easy maintenance and hygiene assurance.

Future Innovations:
Skinease is dedicated to evolving its offerings:
  • Targeted Variations: Tailored versions of silicone scratching tips for specific skin conditions.
  • Healthcare Collaboration: Partnering with experts for refined solutions.
  • Eco-Friendly Approach: Adopting sustainable packaging materials.
About Skinease:
Skinease is committed to revolutionizing chronic itching relief. With focus on convenience, safety, and sustainability, Skinease aims to become the ultimate solution for skin discomfort caused by various conditions.

Skinease will be displayed at the Engineering Design Show 2023.

Arshiya Jain