How GSM Graphic Arts help their customers?

16 April 2021

Find out how GSM Graphic Arts are helping their customers find the perfect solution.

"At GSM Graphic Arts we always try to find the perfect solution for our customers. Sometimes it is a little more challenging and this is when it gets very interesting. Recently we helped our customer to find a solution for an overlay for a door controller.

Our customer manufactures automatic door controllers for chicken houses. These are used around the world and in a range of climate conditions from the sunlight in Australia to the freezing winters in Canada.

The Specification

The specification was for GSM to manufacture an overlay that would be able to withstand all weather extremities and because the units were located outside the overlay would be required to act as a seal.

It was essential for the overlay to include 3 push button switches and an LED display unit. The main concern was that the customer required the buttons to be embossed to a height of 1mm.

The Solution

Using a clear plastic material and printing UV inks to the rear enabled GSM to provide the customer with an overlay that would be able to withstand harsh weather conditions without losing colour or leaking water.

Embossing to a height of 1mm is not a concern however it does require tooling that is not cheap and because the customer wanted samples an alternative method needed to be investigated prior to manufacturing the overlays. For the sample batch it was agreed that we could emboss to a height of 0.4mm and use a spacer behind the overlay to increase the height of the embossed buttons to the desired 1mm. The customer approved this and samples were sent for testing in location.

We have now supplied the customer with 5000 of these overlays manufactured using the spacer technique. The customer is confident with our manufacturing solution as they have an overlay for the face of their product that meets the required specification but also meets the demands of each environment that they are subjected to.

GSM Graphic Arts welcomes new challenging specifications so we can continue to develop and improve our manufacturing capabilities. Please call our sales team on +44 (0)1845 522184 to discuss further."

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