Hamamatsu Photonics Introduce New Multistage InAsSb Detector Technology for Mid-Infrared Gas Detection Applications

23 June 2021

Hamamatsu Photonics is proud to introduce our P13243 and P13894 series of Multistage InAsSb Detectors operating in the Mid-IR wavelength range.

These detectors offer high sensitivity in staggered ranges between 2um and 11um, their performance being optimised specifically for NDIR gas detection applications. These devices differ in structure to a standard photodiode, comprising of many smaller individual cells that are summed in series with one another to form the overall active area of the sensor. This results in greatly improved signal to noise performance of the IR detector; having a fundamental impact on how the detector is used.

The unique multistage structure results in an IR detector with very high shunt resistance. The consequence is that very much higher levels of amplifier gain can be applied to the output from these devices (1 million or more) compared to any conventional IR sensitive photodiode.

This also means that D* or Specific Detectivity no longer provides an adequate comparison of the total signal-to-noise ratio that this detector should achieve in a gas sensing system.

By carefully choosing the correct operation mode and amplification stages within the driver electronics, these InAsSb Detectors can be used to replace various types of IR detector that have historically been adopted, for each type helping overcome the specific drawbacks associated with each different technology; from pyroelectric detectors and thermopiles used in NDIR or gas filter correlation spectroscopy systems, to compound detectors (Mercury-Cadmium-Telluride or Lead Salts) in wavelength modulation spectroscopy systems.

Hamamatsu have flexibility to provide different package and active area options, together with thermoelectric cooling, multichannel array, integrated filters, surface mount designs and more.

Additionally, these detectors can be provided in a variety of standard or customised modules, including with integrated amplification stages and power supply.

Hamamatsu Photonics provides a bespoke consulting service to guide users to transition from their historical detector technologies to our Multistage Detectors.

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