GSM Manufactures Durable Labels for use in the Oil & Gas Industry

20 July 2022

At GSM Graphic Arts, we work with lots of different industries to bring them the latest nameplate and label technology. Today, we turn the spotlight on the oil and gas industry and how our products play a vital role in this sector's harsh and dangerous environment.

Working in fuel requires various processes from extraction, refining and transportation, all of which use machinery that needs to be fitted with precise, clear control displays and labelling. From harsh offshore environments and marine applications to the deserts of some of the hottest places on earth, we work to manufacture products that will not be affected by these conditions and will remain legible for many years to come. The potential impact of unclear labels and instructions on this kind of machinery can be catastrophic.

Stainless Steel Nameplates

At GSM Graphics Arts, we have spent over four decades manufacturing stainless steel nameplates for some of the world’s most challenging environments. In the oil and gas sector, nameplates must be designed to withstand the harsh, outdoor climate, both above and below water.

Our stainless steel nameplates are chemically etched to ensure that they meet the exact specifications required for the industry. This is a process whereby the nameplate's surface is removed using chemicals and then infilled with colour and baked to provide a long-lasting, durable label that will not let you down.

With the information etched into the surface, the nameplates are rugged enough to withstand anything that the conditions can throw at it. Our stainless steel etched nameplates are strong and resistant to corrosion, and their surfaces can be either brushed, bright or satin-finished to give your nameplate a visually attractive, cosmetic finish.

Safety Signs

Warning and safety signs let a user know the risks associated with a particular piece of machinery or equipment. In the oil and gas sector, the workforce needs to be aware of any dangers associated with a piece of equipment, and how to minimise their risk.

At GSM, we manufacture warning labels and safety signs that can be specifically tailored to your requirements. Due to their importance for preserving workers' health and safety, they must remain readable for their entire lifespan.

We can manufacture safety signs in various ways, from roll form polyester labels to aluminium labels using our anodising process – which uses a sulphuric acid solution to pre-anodise the aluminium enabling inks to be printed into the metal, which is then sealed for a hard-wearing finish. For outdoor applications, we can provide UV resistant inks that have been tested to ANSI specifications, so our warning signs can retain their colour for at least five years.

Metal and Plastic Decals

We have extensive experience manufacturing plastic and metal decals. Our plastic decals are available in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes and finishes. They can be provided with an adhesive to assist with easy application. Our design team can help you customise your decals to include your company logo and any further information needed. Our plastic decals can be laser cut to provide precision for a personalised shape or size, depending on your requirements.

Our metal decals can be implemented with photographic imagery that is both durable and hard-wearing. With our specialised anodising process, we can recreate imagery and serial numbers onto an aluminium decal and also cut holes and corners to your exact design.

Underwater Labels

Underwater labels are ideal for offshore environments that can be found in the oil and gas industry. We can manufacture plastic marine labels using polycarbonate with a 3M solvent-based adhesive that can be digitally or silkscreen printed, so the ink is protected, enhancing the label’s durability. Both these printing options ensure that the colours are reproduced to match your exact requirements and specifications.

For an even more robust, hard-wearing marine label, we can use our etching process on stainless steel to handle the harsh conditions found on an oil rig. With no inks used, these labels are as durable as can be.

At GSM Graphic Arts, we use the latest manufacturing techniques to create our high-quality labels, nameplates, and other oil and gas sector products. Our labels can be made from various tough, durable materials with printing techniques designed to make them last and legible for years.

If you would like to learn more about our work and how we can help you, whatever industry you’re in, you can contact us about your requirements today.