F2 Chemicals joins EDS

22 July 2021

F2 Chemicals Ltd is a UK manufacture of the Flutec performance fluids. These liquids and gases contain only carbon and fluorine in the molecule, giving them exceptional chemical and thermal stability. They can be used in temperatures up to 400°C and are compatible with most materials of construction.

They have remarkable electrical properties including very high resistivity (typically 1015 Ωm) and high dielectric strengths (typically 20 kV/mm) coupled with low values for permittivity and dielectric loss. They are stable in electric fields and towards ionising radiation
There are numerous applications for these inert, non-toxic and non-flammable fluids. These include thermal transfer fluids for waste heat recovery, industrial cooling systems and pool boiling; submersion, direct contact and 2-phase cooling of high-value electronics systems; and testing applications, including for gross leak testing, thermal shock testing and burn-in testing.  They comply with military standards and are routinely used in military and space electronics as well as in the LHC at CERN.

Visit the F2 Chemicals website for more information: www.f2chemicals.com