Experience design in Virtual Reality on stand D1

30 August 2023

Exclusive to the Engineering Design show, Mesh Training ltd. will be offering live demonstrations of their latest ‘Introduction to Gravity Sketch’ course. Mesh Training ltd. is an East Midlands based training company providing in-person Gravity Sketch courses for the engineering, design and education sectors.

The design world is rapidly changing with new technologies being regularly released. Gravity Sketch is the latest Virtual Reality 3D design software making waves across the United States and Europe, trusted by the likes of HP, Volkswagen and John Deere. The software excels at allowing you to rapidly iterate your designs and develop them from initial concepts to complex surface models in a collaborative, digital space in a fraction of time compared to conventional methods. Empower your team in an immersive teambuilding experience and we’ll put you on par with industry leaders through our tried and tested in-person courses. Whether it’s your first-time using Gravity Sketch or want to improve you team’s integration of the software within your workflow, we can provide standardised and bespoke sessions to suit your needs. All our sessions can accommodate up to 10 people, with headsets and access to Gravity Sketch provided throughout. For this show only, Mesh Training ltd. are offering an exclusive discount on a first come first serve basis. Speak to our lead trainers, Robert and Priten on Stand D1 to find out more.

For further information:
Visit: MeshTraining.co.uk
Email: info@meshtraining.co.uk
Connect: linkedin.com/company/mesh-training