Exclusive workshop and conference content to be delivered by the experts from Dassault Systemes

Don't miss out on three exclusive free to attend sessions hosted by Dassault Systemes. These will cover; creating effective cooling solutions Using Solidworks, thoughts on the end to end workflow for additive layer manufacturing and the evolution of Mechatronics in the age of digital transformation.

Mechatronics Evolution in the Age of Digital Transformation

New Electronics Conference: Wednesday 16th October 10:15
Hosted by Louis Feinstein, Global Director High Tech Sales, DASSAULT SYSTEMES

Today products go beyond the traditional product usage and are now interconnected and interwoven into our daily lives and activities creating an immersive customer experience.  Creating smart, connected customer experiences is complex, costly and associated with high business risk. This session will focus on technologies for smart and connected products through collaborative mechatronics engineering. One of the key success enablers is the orchestration of software, electronics and mechanical engineering.

Create Effective Cooling Solutions Using SOLIDWORKS® Flow Simulation and the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform
Workshop Theatre 2: Wednesday 16th October 12:30
Hosted by Mattias Robertsson, Senior Solution Consultant, SIMULATION, DASSAULT SYSTEMES and Ian Pilkington, 3DExperience Senior Business Development Executive, DASSAULT SYSTEMES

With SOLIDWORKS® Flow Simulation engineers can virtually test designs to assess effectiveness of their cooling solution directly in the 3D CAD model. SOLIDWORKS dedicated thermal management study simulation tools enable accurate thermal analysis of electronic PCB and enclosure design. Using SOLIDWORKS Simulation, engineers can reduce noise, choose and test different cooling options and save time and money instead of building multiple prototypes and conducting thermal camera studies. Cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE® platform allows companies to integrate all pieces of the product development lifecycle - from design to simulation and manufacturing - into one seamless workflow to enable better-connected teams and more-agile processes.

From Design to Print: Thoughts on the End to End Workflow for Additive Layer Manufacturing
Workshop Theatre 1: Thursday 17th October 12:30
Hosted by Stuart NIXON, SIMULIA EuroNorth Senior Solution Consultant, DASSAULT SYSTEMES

Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) promises a paradigm shift in engineering, with new ways to imagine and realise product design. The flexibility offered by the solution has sparked a rich development cycle, investigating processing conditions, material architectures, but also new fields in design, CAD and simulation. There are many disjointed tools available that offer point solutions to particular problems within the ALM workflow. This in itself generates its own problems of data management, synchronisation and traceability. The purpose of this session is to review a different approach to solve the problem.

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