Easby Electronics partners with Holtek to bring you the latest in microcontrollers.

12 August 2021

Easby Electronics has announced it has expanded its product offering and will now support the full range of products from leading IC design house, Holtek Semiconductor.

Holtek was founded in 1998 and have headquarters at the prestigious Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan. They are focused on the design, development and manufacture of microcontrollers and microcontroller peripheral devices. Holtek Semiconductor device range includes both general-purpose 8 BIT microcontrollers (used in high volume commodity applications inc. household appliances and consumer applications) through to 32 BIT ARM microcontrollers (typical applications inc. voice, communication, computer peripheral, medical equipment, automotive and security applications)

Alongside the Microcontroller range, Holtek’s capabilities extend further with a broad range of power management devices. These include LCD and LED drive/control chips, ultra-high-resolution fingerprint identification sensors, sensor modules and other peripheral devices., such as BLE, Infrared and NFC devices. This variety ensures that customers are supported with a broad range of device solutions to use within their development road map.

Commenting, Kuan-Hsi Ho, Regional Sales Manager at Holtek, said: “We have been looking to strengthen our position in the UK further and work with a distributor that will give us the focus we need to develop new, strong customer relationships while raising our brand position and project offerings in the market.” Mr Ho continued to say: “Working with Easby Electronics and its group members will help us achieve this, and we are equally excited to secure this relationship. Easby have already proven their ability to engage with customers and turn on new strategic project engagements with securing several projects during the initial engagement”.

Phil Clarke, Director of Product Marketing at Easby, responded: “Holtek is a leading manufacturer in the microcontroller field, known for their excellent support and innovative products. We have listened to our customers who advised that there is a real need for support with this type of product, especially within medical, automotive, audio and security markets. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Holtek and to support our customers with their requirements, and further strengthening our offering of technology-leading products".

Photo caption:  Easby Electronics partners with Holtek to bring you the latest in microcontrollers.

About Easby Electronics
Easby Electronics celebrated its 40th year in business in 2020, an exceptional milestone. Easby is a specialist stockist and distributor of IoT solutions as well as passive electronic components, electromechanical, connectors and discrete semiconductors. Established in 1980 then acquired by the Rebound Group in 2012, Easby Electronics has a strong focus on quality and service plus an experienced team that has enabled Easby to expand and grow the range of products available to its ever-growing customer base.

About Holtek
Holtek Semiconductor is a leading professional IC design house with headquarters located in the prestigious Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan. Holtek's product development strategy is firmly focused in the two areas of microcontroller and microcontroller peripheral devices, but a solid focus on product advancement and product development allows them to offer a comprehensive set of device solutions.

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