Drones are the next chapter in our story

Throughout history civilizations have been built on the communication systems available at the time. The oldest continuously inhabited cities in the World sprang up along the Silk Road.  The Egyptian Empire was built along the Nile. The Europeans spread out across the oceans. The railroad expanded the American Wild-West. Roads, cars, airports and planes and latterly the Internet have shaped the way we live our lives.  Drones are the next chapter in this story.

I believe that Drones are amazing and they will change the way we view, interact with and move around our planet.

While others seem to be looking towards self-driving cars as the answer to congestion problems facing major cities.  I believe that we should be looking to the skies.  Imagine the impact if autonomous drones were to transport goods and services in cities and take 10-20% of the road traffic away.  The positive impacts would be enormous, taking this many cars off the roads in major cities would reduce congestion, air pollution, maintenance costs and road traffic accidents. When drones can be powered through renewable sources then the proposition becomes even more compelling.

However, we have recognised the risk that the same technology is being used by reckless, ignorant, criminal and terrorist users to invade privacy, steal secrets, disrupt events & airports, smuggle drugs into prisons.

Drone Defence helps organisations of all sizes to prepare and protect themselves from this emerging threat.  We have developed cost effective proprietary technologies to detect, track, identify and defeat commercial drones.

By preventing drone misuse we enable the advancement of the industry and provide a viable and safe security solution.  Without us the authorities would have no choice but to regulate access to drones and this would have a damaging effect on the development of the industry. 

Richard Gill MBA
Founder & CEO
Drone Defence Services Ltd

Don't miss Richard Gill's conference session on Thursday 17th October at 11:15 in the New Electronics theatre.

"Addressing the challenge to positive drone industry development"

Richard will provide a brief introduction to the technological environment that has enabled the rapid adoption of drones, and the challenges that this growth has presented to security and privacy. Richard will then expand on the human issues presented by the technology and finally how technology itself as the better way to provide an environment in which drone technology can flourish.

During this session delegates will learn:
1.The technological developments that have made drones become so popular
2.Why there is a negative perception of drone despite the positive uses
3.How groups may look to misuse the technology and why
4.How the threat of misuse can be mitigated through technology