Diamond HMI expand market sectors for their ioniTOUCH™ antimicrobial QWERTY keyboards and mice.

15 October 2021

Over the past two years, the Diamond HMI team has developed ioniTOUCH™, a range of waterproof and antimicrobial keyboards and mice, now sold throughout the UK and Europe to many different market sectors. Initially, the products were aimed at the healthcare sector; however, we now have a wide range of customers from various industries.

We developed ioniTOUCH™ due to a gap identified in the market for easy to clean keyboards in healthcare environments. Infection control within these settings is critical and can cost lives and money. Keyboards are a hazardous touchpoint where harmful bacteria can be transmitted. Therefore, users must effectively clean these surfaces to minimise the risk of infections spreading.

That's where ioniTOUCH™ comes in; the fully sealed, wipeable devices provide an easy to clean surface, easily decontaminated. The silicone rubber outer coating is also impregnated with an antimicrobial additive to help inhibit bacterial growth.

The project started by developing our current range of waterproof, industrial keyboards to include an antimicrobial coating within the silicone rubber case. We believed this product would be ideal for healthcare authorities, as it would allow them to complete thorough cleaning, effectively, with additional protection from the antimicrobial coating.

After successfully pitching to a group of NHS procurement staff, creating interest and awareness around the range, we have expanded into other sectors due to popular demand and the current heightened cleaning routines where shared keyboards and mice are present.

Since the pitch, we have continued to develop our range and have now successfully had the trademark approved. We sell directly through our website and soon the range will be able to purchase through other marketing channels such as Amazon.

Other markets for ioniTOUCH™

ioniTOUCH™ keyboards and mice are suitable for many areas, such as food processing, industrial manufacturing, and commercial office spaces. Even schools, colleges and public libraries can benefit from the easy-clean design. If you would like to find out more, visit our website here.