Electronic Components from Cambion

Cambion Electronics Limited have a long and established pedigree as manufacturers of high performance electro-mechanical and inductive components serving the Military, Aerospace, Petrochemical, Instrumentation, Transport and Industrial Markets.

Continual investment especially in the latest machinery, has resulted in substantial manufacturing and assembly capabilities to cover a broad and comprehensive range of disciplines and technologies.

Manufacturing processes include:-

-Turning - Over 50 Automatic lathes capable of 10 million parts per week capacity.
-Moulding - Fully & Semi-Automatic injection and transfer moulding.
-Assembly - Automatic equipment for high volume production, and lower volume with manual assembly tooling and highly skilled operatives.
-Design & Bespoke Manufacture of Transformers, Inductors, Chokes and Coils.

Cambion are committed to ongoing product development, products are constantly reviewed and updated for strategic fit to meet the ever changing marketplace.

Catalogue Products include Miniature Single Pole Sockets, PCB Pins & Interconnects, Connector Pins, RF Connectors, Solder Terminals, Spacers, Inductors and Coils.

Custom product manufacture is a speciality - visit them on stand M24.