New Discovery Simulation-Driven Design

29 July 2020

Ansys has released the new next-generation Discovery software tool combining fast direct modelling with real-time simulation and high-fidelity Ansys solver technology. This provides unsurpassed capabilities for creating and investigating product performance which will be essential in the development of the highest-quality and best-performing future products.

Discovery allows designs to be fully evaluated prior to proceeding to the prototype or production phase, and uniquely via a single interface provides:

  • easy to access and super-fast geometry modelling
  • real-time structural, fluid and thermal analysis, plus high-fidelity verification
  • topology optimisation capabilities
  • 20-60% measured improvement in Innovation, Productivity, and Quality  

“Discovery delivers a next-generation user experience and represents a big step forward in 3D design,” commented Mark Hindsbo, GM of the Design Business Unit at Ansys. “Coupled with our unique real-time simulation technology and gold standard solvers, it has never before been so easy to interactively explore a large design space. This enables engineers to bring simulation upfront in the ideation and design phase of product development, uncovering risks early before the costs to correct them become high or difficult to change.”

See us at EDS 2020 in March/April 2021 or view this video now to see how quickly this technology offers insight into design exploration.

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