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11 Mar 2024

Nexus Industrial Memory Appointed Distributor for Foremay Rugged SSDs in Key European Markets

Nexus Industrial Memory Appointed Distributor for Foremay Rugged SSDs in Key European Markets
Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom – Nexus Industrial Memory, a leading supplier of industrial-grade memory solutions, today announced their appointment as the official UK, EU, Switzerland and Norway distributor for Foremay, who specialise in rugged, reliable and secured solid state drives.

Foremay is a renowned manufacturer of rugged military and space grade SSDs specifically designed for demanding applications in challenging environments specifically within the military, defence, aerospace, and deep space. Their products are known for their exceptional durability, security, reliability and long-term supply commitment, making them ideal for mission critical computing.

For nearly forty years, Nexus Industrial Memory has been at the forefront of industrial memory distribution, providing industrial-grade memory solutions across Europe. With their extensive expertise and established network of partners, they are well-positioned to bring Foremay’s innovative SSDs to electronics, hardware, software and systems engineers across their designated territories.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Foremay to distribute their industry-leading rugged SSDs in these key European markets,” said Michael Barrett, Managing Director at Nexus Industrial Memory.

“Their products are a perfect complement to our existing portfolio of custom removable Datakey® memory devices from ATEK Access Technologies – which are inherently secure through their form factor as well as secure memory and cyber solutions from leading NAND flash memory manufacturer Flexxon.”

Foremay’s products are known for their exceptional durability and high performance; being designed for demanding applications in extreme environments. Foremay are a global leader in design and manufacture of rugged solid state drives (SSD) offering advanced security and complete solutions in military secure erase and self-destruction.

Dennis Eodice, Foremay’s VP Strategic Sales  comments:

“Nexus has nearly forty years of experience in the sectors we’re serving with our products. This deep understanding of our target markets, combined with their established network, makes them the perfect partner to help us expand our reach and better serve customers across Europe. Additionally, our key messages are perfectly aligned. We’re both 100% committed to helping our customers make their data more reliable and secure, in harsh environment applications and in a world where data security is more important than ever. We are confident that this partnership will be mutually beneficial and will enable us to deliver even greater value to our customers.”

Michael Barrett, Nexus’ Managing Director, adds: “Foremay – alongside our other manufacturing partners – offer customisation services and our product specialists have an impressive and proven track record of working with customers and suppliers to develop solutions with custom electronic or mechanical features.

“With Foremay, ATEK and Flexxon onboard as suppliers of rugged, reliable and secure memory products, off-the-shelf and fully customised, Nexus can provide even greater support to engineers seeking to embed and/or use memory and data storage in their designs,” concludes Barrett.

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