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27 Mar 2024

Customisation combines with Premium Peli Protection

Customisation combines with Premium Peli Protection
Peli Products (UK) worked in partnership with branding agency, Whiteroom, to deliver a high-performance presentation solution for New Era's exclusive Red Bull Racing baseball caps.

Fuelled by a shared ethos of high performance and pushing the limits, New Era sought a presentation solution that epitomized excellence.  Tasked with delivering a premium display, the project team turned to the rugged reliability of the Peli™ Protector 1500 case.  Renowned for its durability and rugged construction, the Peli case was the ideal choice.  To further elevate the presentation, the Peli team partnered with MSA Foams, utilising their expertise in striking branding and foam customisation.

Under the creative of guidance of Whiteroom agency, the case was transformed by MSA Foams Ltd.  It was digitally printed with the vibrant Red Bull graphics across its entirety, leaving a lasting impression on its recipients.  The tailor-made foam insert was meticulously engineered to cradle each New Era cap with precision, enhancing both presentation and protection.

Built to withstand the harshest conditions, the Peli Protector case guaranteed the limited-edition caps were safeguarded during transport, storage, and display. Its watertight, crushproof, and dustproof construction provides the ultimate level of protection, further enhanced by the famous Peli lifetime guarantee. 

The collaboration resulted in a presentation solution that embodied the spirit of adventure and performance, setting a new standard in presentation excellence.

Peli Products (UK) Ltd offers a wide range of customisable case solutions and branding options to elevate the brand image and ensure superior protection for valuable or fragile items.

For more details go to Peli Products (UK) Ltd Tel: 01457 869999.

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