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19 Mar 2024

Creative Hubb Ltd at EDS 2024!

Creative Hubb Ltd at EDS 2024!
Creative Hubb Limited provide a product design, pattern cutting, grading and marker making service for the garment and sewn products industry, the team have a niche specialism in engineered textile product development. Originally training in fashion design and garment technology and having a solid background in the fashion and textile industry, the team have a wealth of experience and understanding in the shape, form and fit of wearable garments, alongside the expertise to 3D model textile products from 2D templates.

Diversification into engineered textile products came some 20 years ago when the team were commissioned to support on the design and development of Coventry based, NP Aerospace Limited’s first Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) bomb disposal suit to be supplied to the UK MOD.

The UK Defence Industry is dependent on the innovation driven by designers and engineers, however, working with robust ballistic and flame retardant materials, accommodating seam allowances, garment size grading and textile manufacturing processes are often skills that are not available in house to engineering companies.

The Creative hubb team offer a design, technical and consultancy service covering all aspects of product development from initial concept through to manufacturing techniques. The team provide a unique skill set, being in a position to marry traditional patternmaking skills with in depth knowledge of high performance and difficult to process materials alongside a wealth of experience working to specifications set out by authorities such as the BSI Group, CAST, NIJ, ISO and NATO, in addition to Ministry of Defence and Metropolitan Police specifications that are determined by theatres of operation and threat environments.

This knowledge and experience enables the design and development of high performance protective garments and products, with many of the Creative hubb’s design solutions feeding into successful patent applications. In addition, by utilising a Gerber Accumark Cad Cam System the team can provide a critical audit trail for the R&D process when developing new products.

The Creative hubb team work on a wide range of textile products from corporatewear, uniforms and PPE to luggage bags, vehicle interiors and body armour. They are an important design and technical team behind NP Aerospace’s portfolio of bomb disposal suits, an example of which will be showcased at the upcoming Engineering Design Show in October 2024.

Working alongside NP Aerospace’s world class engineers and developing the bomb disposal suits in house with NP’s highly skilled and fully equipped sewing team, the combined team have delivered high performance, proven solutions for bomb disposal, tactical search missions and demining operations.

Through integrating leading-edge composite materials and world-class EOD engineering, NP bomb disposal suits combine maximum protection with class-leading ergonomic performance and are tested in the most extreme of environments. Since launching their first bomb disposal suit in 2004 for British Forces in Northern Ireland, they have become a key part of the survivability portfolio and are trusted by thousands of operators worldwide.

The EOD bomb disposal suit is an extremely complex garment, with multiple layers of meta and/or para aramid materials required per panel/area to achieve the specified level of protection. The performance nature of these materials means they are challenging to cut, drape, shape, sew; especially when ensuring full body protection in an EOD suit. In addition, the protection level in terms of ballistics is achieved by combining differing textile technologies and fabric structures all whilst maintaining flexibility to enable the end user to be mobile and able to carry out the detailed and demanding requirements when in service by Military or Police users. Creative hubb Ltd have been instrumental in training NP Aerospace’s expert sewing team based in Coventry in best practice and methods of attaching multiple layers of materials in highly complex and intricate manufacturing techniques.

As seen modelled by Vicky McLure on ITV’s Trigger Point, the 4030 ELITE is NP’s next generation Bomb Disposal Suit and Helmet System offering 360° protection from the four main aspects of an explosion: fragmentation, overpressure, blast wind and heat radiation. Developed in response to global user feedback and using cutting edge EOD technology, it is fully certified to NIJ 0117.01 by the Safety Equipment Institute. The 4030 ELITE delivers superior survivability, enhanced ergonomics at a reduced weight and platform configurability and scalability.

The 4030 ELITE offers a highly modular and scalable system with the option to build and accessorize the suit around the user’s individual requirements. Communication and cooling systems can be integrated within the base suit without full scale upgrades – a significant cost efficiency benefit. There is also a wide range of size options with the ability to mix and match jacket, trousers and frontal plate, providing additional flexibility.

The 4030 ELITE provides enhanced ergonomics and dexterity due to the flexible armour construction. The user is able to crouch, climb and crawl easily. The suit is lightweight and uses the latest materials and design features to provide a flexible fit and extended wear. The frontal armour breast plate comes in multiple sizes and can be detached by the operator unaided, a benefit in confined spaces. New design features have been added to enable faster donning and doffing and there is a wide size range to fit 5th percentile female to 99th percentile male operators. The suit has a powerful ventilation system within the jacket, forcing cool air around the operator’s body and, in the event of emergency, the patented Quick Release System enables the user to get out of the suit unaided in less than 30 seconds.

The engineers at NP Aerospace, many of which are graduates from Coventry University, have worked tirelessly to ensure the 4030 ELITE delivers 360° protection against all aspects of an explosion (flame, fragments, blast overpressure, and tertiary effects), with seamless coverage of critical areas. The patented frontal armour plate, with its unique curved design, deflects blast away from the torso and neck limiting the risk of fatal injuries.

The Creative hubb team are extremely proud of the work achieved as the principal design team behind NP Aerospace’s portfolio of ballistic textile products and are excited to work with them on future projects.

If you are an engineering company looking to develop textile products but are unsure where to start please do not hesitate to contact Creative Hubb Limited.

With thanks to NP Aerospace for their continued support and the use of their photographs

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