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18 Jun 2024

Alpha Micro Components Ltd

Alpha Micro Components Ltd
Since 1995, Alpha Micro has been a premier distributor of electronic components, specialising in wireless communications for the Internet of Things. As the leading technical distributor in the UK and Ireland, we take pride in pioneering the concept of "design based" component distribution, ensuring innovative solutions for all your needs.

At Alpha Micro, we believe that our design-based approach to distribution gives our customers the level of support they need during their development phase. We have a team of engineers who are very experienced in hardware & software design and development, enabling us to offer hands-on expertise for cellular, positioning, short range radio (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) and long range radio (LoRa®, Sigfox) applications. We have an in-depth understanding of our franchise products, ensuring that we can offer outstanding levels of technical and commercial support to our customers.


We work closely with a small number of blue-chip suppliers, including u-blox, RAKwireless, FTDI and Bridgetek, providing design support and sound advice for connecting “things” to the Internet. Alpha Micro also works with Uniross, VINATech and Silergy to support the equally important power aspects of your design.
u-blox, RAKwireless, The Antenna Company, FTDI, SJIT, VINATech, Bridgetek, Uniross, MARUWA, Silergy, Atech, Iridium plus more.

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