Feature Zones

So much more than an exhibition and conference! Make sure you visit our feature zones to discover the latest engineering applications and technologies.

UK designed and built ultra-high performance electric sports car

A ground-breaking electric supercar will feature in the exhibition at this year’s EDS. The HIPERCAR from UK manufacturer, Ariel, is a state-of-the-art electric vehicle designed in partnership with a consortium of UK SMEs and was made possible through UK government investment channelled through the Advanced Propulsion Centre.

As with other Ariel vehicles, the focus of HIPERCAR (HIgh PERformance Carbon Reduction) is on extreme performance, light weight, agility and usability, now coupled with zero emissions. The design of the vehicle is based on pioneering EV technology developed by UK manufacturers, it has a lightweight aluminium bonded chassis structure and full carbon fibre body. Built for exceptional lightness and to be available in four- or two-wheel drive variants, the 880kw/1180bhp HIPERCAR offers staggering performance, reaching speeds of 100 mph within 4.4 seconds. With full torque vectoring these times will be improved so that sub two second times to 60 mph and sub four seconds to 100mph are possible.

Power comes from a Cosworth 800 Volt 62kWh lithium-ion cooled and heated battery pack. The car will feature the option of a Cosworth 35kW CatGen (Catalytic Generator) turbine range extender to charge the batter on the move, negating range anxiety.

Drive is by inboard Equipmake APM motors, one per wheel, with integral inverters and single speed step down gearboxes direct to driven wheels. Each individual motor develops 22kW (295bhp) and 450Nm of torque.

Book your place at EDS to meet with the Ariel team responsible for building this stunning vehicle and find out more about the UK consortium that developed the technology inside.






This year visitors to EDS can check out our interactive Robotics Innovation Hub.

Discover how technology and design skill is being employed in a variety of applications. This includes the latest technology from Inovo Robotics with their robotic arm and a display from Sundance on a variety of platforms and robots for any autonomation task. 

Aston University leading the way in wheelchair design

Aston University will be displaying their colourful wheelchair designs at this year's EDS.

The University academics have designed a unique and user-friendly rugby wheelchair for children in South Africa, which aims to be affordable. The chair is made from recycled HDPE plastic. The chair has been designed to encourage young people to participate in the sport, support rehabilitation, and develop a community. The chair is an open source design which can be 3D printed or rotationally moulded locally.

Efficiency for Access Design Challenge

The Efficiency for Access Design Challenge will be displaying their winning designs at EDS. This is a global, multi-disciplinary competition that empowers teams of university students to help accelerate clean energy access.

The winners will showcase their designs across the two show days at EDS offering a new innovative approach to fostering development in the off-grid appliances sector.


Igus will have their impressive bike on display at this year's EDS.

Made from recycled plastic, this is the first igus bike from mtrl, allowing you to get around town quickly and sustainably. The bike, which is suitable for everyday use, does not rust, needs no oil and is virtually maintenance-free.

Breakthrough motor technology

Saietta will be displaying some of their innovative products at EDS. They are an AIM-quoted, multi-national business which designs, engineers and manufactures complete Light Duty and Heavy Duty eDrive systems for electric vehicle manufacturers around the world, with a specific focus on electric mopeds, scooters, last-mile delivery vehicles, trucks and busses (Vehicle categories L, M, N and T) as well as marine applications.

Saietta has engineered breakthrough electric motor technology including proprietary AFT (Axial Flux Technology) and RFT (Radial Flux Technology) which can be combined with in-house power electronics, powertrain controls, mechanical axles and transmissions. The designs are unique and modular, delivering both high and low-voltage electric drive solutions. Saietta’s difference lies in its ability to conceive eDrive solutions tailored to deliver competitive advantage and its turnkey engineering services designed to fast-track electric vehicle manufacturers from concept to start of production.

To demonstrate the outstanding attributes of the AFT technology, the Company has also founded its own next-generation marine propulsion division Propel which delivers solutions for boating in the electric era that support the transition to decarbonization and clean mobility on waterways.