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Jauch Quartz

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Jauch Quartz

The Jauch Group is one of the leading specialists for Quartz Crystals, Crystal Oscillators and Battery technology. Established in 1954, we are now one of the leading companies in the Frequency Control Products industry and a recognized expert on the future market for Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Polymer Batteries.

We underline our claim to leadership with our in-depth technical consulting, high application, and certification expertise, advanced test environments, high availability and fast delivery of products.

We have invested in production facilities at our headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen to meet customer needs around the world in a timely manner.

A modern batteries assembly line for battery solutions with high technical requirements ensures the production of individual battery packs for various applications.

Our competent staff at our subsidiaries Jauch Quartz France, Jauch Quartz United Kingdom and Jauch Quartz America develop and sell pioneering technology solutions.


Unit 4.7 Frimley Business Park
GU16 7SG
United Kingdom
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  • Jauch's sylindrical lithium batteries are characterized by low self-discharge and can therefore be stored for a long time.
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