Electronics Stream

Advanced Serial Analysis with the 5 GHz Oscilloscope DS70504 and Real Time Analyzer RSA5000N
Boris Adlung, Sales and Marketing Manager, RIGOL Technologies EU GmbHEU GmbH
AI-risks spotting: a diverse inputs perspective
Dr Odilia Coi, Director of Innovation, MKAI

Design for shortages and sourcing, how to improve procurement problems throughout the entire engineering project.

Robert Webber, European Applications Manager, Powell Electronics

Embedding Power – How to Ensure a Long and Reliable Operation
Christopher Maidment, Technical Marketing Manager, TDK-Lambda

Electromagnetic Simulation of Printed Circuit Boards in COMSOL Multiphysics®
Nathaniel Davies, Applications Engineer, COMSOL

How AI can assist electronic engineers with circuit system design and development.
Akintomide Adesanmi, CEO/Co-founder, Circuit Mind

Modular Solutions for Rapid Roll-Out of EV Charging Infrastructure & Its Renewal Energy Production 2022

Ron Singh, OEM Solutions Sales Director,  EMEA

5G in Industry 4.0
Paul Cooper, VP of Engineering, Zeetta Networks Ltd

UK automotive sector power electronics opportunity
Philippa Oldham, Stakeholder Engagement Director, Advanced Propulsion Centre

Rocket science on your desk – GPS for Location or Timing
Gopi Patel, FAE, Wurth

Managing Supply in the semi-conductor market
Graham Hutchins, Nigel Forrester, Niki Bauckham

Wireless IOT Security
Chris Barratt, Chief Technical Officer, Insight SiP

Why thermal simulation is a must for electronics design?
Tom Gregory, Product Manager, 6SigmaET by Future Facilities

Bridging the gap between CAD & CAM
Dirk Stans, Managing Partner, Eurocircuits NV

An Introduction to Boundary-scan – what you need to know.
James Stanbridge, UK Manager, JTAG Technologies